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T-Shirt Business Q&A Series: Expedited Shipping vs Expedited Fulfillment

Posted by Teddi Jackson on
T-Shirt Business Q&A Series: Expedited Shipping vs Expedited Fulfillment

Do you know what it means for you and your business when your customer pays for expedited shipping? A question that I recently answered was " How do I know if my customer pays for expedited shipping?" Now, this question was posed because the business owner was trying to understand if there was a notification they could receive so that they could honor the expedited shipping request. The answer to this question is a matter of the difference between expedited shipping, expedited fulfillment, and individual store policies.


Here's the quick and dirty on it.


Expedited Shipping - Is shipping defined as faster than the standard. This is not the responsibility of the business owner. The expedited shipping process is based on the shipping vendor's policies.


Expedited Fulfillment/ Processing) - Often referred to as Rush Orders, expedited fulfillment is the responsibility of the business the customer orders a product from. Typically this process incurs additional fees separate from any shipping costs the customer pays. Expedited fulfillment almost always disturbs the built-in fulfillment processes a business has set in place and can have its own challenges to consider.


Store Policy - To clarify the difference between to Expedited Shipping and Expedited Fulfillment, your store policy should be clear so that your customer knows what they are paying for, what to expect, and who to contact about their order at various phases of fulfillment.


Answer: If a customer is paying for expedited shipping, as a business owner, you do not need to change your processes to expedite fulfillment to meet the shipping timeline. Your store policy should be clear on this so that your customer knows what to expect when they pay the extra cost for shipping. If your business offers expedited fulfillment, ensure that your policy also includes the details of how this process works for in stock, back-ordered, and custom items.


For a more detailed explanation on this topic, check out this short video and subscribe to our YouTube page for more tips, tools, and t-shirt biz wisdom.


I hope this helped.

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