What's the best...?

What's the best...?
If you are active in any t-shirt communities or on social media at all you may see this question a lot. Chances are, if you have ever started or considered starting something new you've asked it yourself at least once. 
This may seem like a harmless question but it's LOADED. Also, it's my least favorite questions. I truly cringe when someone asks "What's the best heat press?" or "What's the best pullover hoodie?" It's not a full question. You have to finish it. 
I understand that we all want answers but when we position our questions as broad as we do with this question, we open our selves up to receive a lot of responses that will almost add to the confusion. I have seen many give up before they started because there amount of information they had was overwhelming. 
I do my best no to criticize without providing an alternative or a solution so here it is: 
Best is subjective and should be based on the business need. The best hoodie for your business may not be the best for mine. The best t-shirt for vinyl isn't always gong to be the best t-shirt for screen printing. 
The best heat press for my business goals, is not going to be the best heat press for your hobby. (Ya feel me?)
When asking for recommendations, be best. That is, be specific. This will help those with the answers better equip you with one that wont lead to a "UhnUhn, that's too expensive for me." response. 
Here are some examples of how to ask for the best: 
What's the best heat press for under $500?
What's the most versatile hoodie when it comes to printing methods?
What wholesaler offers the best price per tee if I order 100 Bella+Canva 3001 tees?
See the difference? These are full questions that someone could easily answer without having to ask a bunch of follow-up questions first. 
No go BE BEST!
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