Pay Black Women Pocket - Black
Pay Black Women Pocket - Black

Pay Black Women Pocket - Black

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Because... Pay Black Women. That's It. That's all.


This a Branded Partner Product from Pay Black Women. 

For more information on the Pay Black Women Action campaign visit


All fonts and colors are the same as original designs.


Unisex T-shirts: XS-3XL

Unisex Sweatshirts: S-3XL in all colors.

Unisex Hoodie: S-3XL in black

Please note images depict design, not exact cut, style or fit of shirts.

Our Story

Hey There! I'm Teddi Rene', owner and operator of Paraphernalia University. I have been printing custom apparel for college alumni, members of the Divine 9, and local businesses, clubs, and youth groups since 2010.

After graduating from Bowie State University, it was challenging to Sigma Gamma Rho for myself. What I could find took took long to make, dost too much or looked like it was made for a Cultured Pearl and not a young SoRHOr. Determined to do something about this I started my business and the rest is history.

8 years later I began to navigate the eCommerce space and began to research the best ways to bring my products to life online and how to target my perfect customers, HBCU Graduates like me who were active on the yard, gave back to their schools, and actively fight for equality an justice for us all.

Welcome to Paraphernalia University. I hope that you find everything that you need to customize your life.